A staff scheduling solution built for the security industry

Discover how Skeddule can help you save time and money managing your shift-based workforce

Create clients with single or multiple locations/rosters

Skeddule allows users to create clients with either single or multiple locations and rosters, making it easy to manage staff deployment across different sites.

View and manage open shifts for all locations in one place

Skeddule provides a centralised view of all open shifts, allowing users to ensure each shift is fulfilled on time.


Publish open shifts to all or a selected group of staff

Users can easily publish open shifts to all or a selected group of staff, making the process of filling in shifts fast and hassle-free.

Create complex payroll and invoicing rules

Users can create a range of payroll and invoicing rates rules, allowing them to accurately bill their clients and pay their staff.


View which staff might be doing overtime before you publish shifts

Skeddule’s system allows users to foresee which staff members will be eligible for overtime before publishing shifts.

Bulk upload hundreds of shifts in seconds

Skeddule’s system allows users to quickly bulk upload hundreds of shifts into their rosters, saving them time and effort.


Roster staff to shifts based on license and qualification rules

The licences and qualifications rules ensures shifts get assigned to only staff with the required training and certifications to do the work.

Boost operational efficiency with Skeddule's mobile app

Skeddule’s mobile app has been developed to allow staff perform multiple tasks on the go, before and while on the job.


Ensure the safety of your staff with automated check-ins

Enable in-app welfare check-ins notifications for specific locations and get notified if staff don’t check-in.

Need more reasons?

Here are some more features that make Skeddule awesome


Time Tracking

Track when staff sign on and off to shifts as well as when they take breaks


Confirm Shifts

Get instant shift status update on rosters as soon as staff accepts a shifts



With geofencing your staff can only sign on to a shift if they are on-site


Smart Notifications

Get notified when staff don't sign-on, decline shifts and other events



Quickly approve timesheets with actual shift sign on/off and break times


Staff Compliance

View all staff licences set to expire within 45 days in a single place